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At Tommy’s Pet Studio our mission to offer high quality products that promote health and healing.  Products that empower pet parents to create a healthy, long life for their pets.  We believe that feeding a natural, less processed diet will result in happier, healthier pets and longevity.


Pet Nutrition

Excellent nutrition from food is the first step towards better health and vitality. We can offer recommendations to enhance your pets health.

Pet Advice

Put our store team knowledge and experience to work for you! We do our best to help you find the right products for your pets.


We support our pet community featuring the work of organizations dedicated to important animal causes.

Wild Birds

We cater to wild bird experts, hobbyists and beginners alike! Our feeds are a special mix of nuts, seed and fruit to attract the largest variety of birds.



  • "Awesome pet supply store! They carry the ehigher quality food and treats that is made with a bun...

    "Awesome pet supply store! They carry the ehigher quality food and treats that is made with a bunch of fillers and by-product-meals. Its important to me to feel good about what I'm feeding my dogs and know that I'm protecting their health in the future. Tommy's also carries what my daughter needs for her hamster and turtle so we don't need to go down the hill for their needs. Plus they are more than helpful and accommodating if there is an item I need that they don't sell, by checking with their vendors to see if any of them carry it and places a special order for the item just for me!! Highly recommend to all pet lovers, that are either locals or just visiting from somewhere far!!!"

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Danny Highland

    Corona, CA


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Allison Armstrong

Allison Armstrong is a seasoned veteran in the industry, holding over 20 years of experience in the field. Amy’s most notable skill is her ability to keep cool while handling the expectations of all her clients.

Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith has over 8 years of experience. Hailing from sunny Southern California, Jane earned her degree from California University. She is an avid traveler, loves hamburgers and has no shortage of cheesy jokes (which we love).

Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown has been working in the industry for over 15 years. He grew up in California and moved to Boston for college. He joined our team in 2005 and has been a tremendous addition.

Mike McCormick

Mike McCormick joined the team in 2013 and has been in the industry for the past 5 years. He hails from Columbus, Ohio and moved here to pursue his career. He’s worked with hundreds of clients and has earned the knick-name “The Jokester” because of his jolly attitude.



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Located in the Rite Aid Shopping Center

27177 State Highway 189,

Blue Jay, CA 92317

Phone. 909-336-1061

Email. tommyspetstudio@gmail.com