Stop Your Dog From Chewing Things Up

Did your dog just chew up your favorite pair of sneakers or that great book you were just about to finish? I would probably bet that you’re pretty angry and want that behavior to stop. Here are some tips to discourage your dog from taking a bite out of anything but his food:

Know the reason
Before fixing the problem you’ll have to know where it comes from. Determine whether your dog is teething or if it’s chewing because of boredom or attention.

Put your pup in an area that you have made relatively chew-proof. Instead of letting you pooch think about the things in the area, give it a chew toy instead.

Stopping fixation
If your dog is fixated on chewing that coffee table leg there’s a good solution to stop it. Put something non-toxic on it that the dog will not like, such as Tabasco sauce, and the problem with that area should stop.

Have a toy in hand
If you’re going to be around your dog, pay attention to its behavior. If you see it chewing, yell “No” to make the dog stop. While you’re doing that, reward the dog with a chew toy and make him associate chewing on the toy as a good thing.


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