Flea & Tick Prevention Is Just As Important During The Winter Months


Many pet owners make the mistake of thinking that when winter begins, it is time for flea and tick prevention to end. This could not be further from the truth. Just because your pet will be spending more time indoors during the colder months doesn’t mean you stop. Fleas and ticks can threaten your pet’s health and your home year-round if allowed. Even in colder climates, leaving your pet exposed to the diseases and harm that fleas and ticks can cause exposes your pet to a variety of problems.

Here is the reason why. Even though many fleas, flea larvae, and even the flea eggs will not survive the harshness of the winter, flea pupae actually can. This means that the threat of fleas never really goes away. Just because your pet isn’t scratching, does not mean there is not something lying beneath the surface. Also, take into account if you travel with your dog or live where the climate is warmer and adult fleas can still thrive. Your pets are like your kids, you never know what they may get into. If fleas are already inside your home then they will continue to thrive in the environment you have provided for them. It doesn’t matter how much you vacuum or spray, it is very likely you still have a flea or two still kicking around between the cracks or corners of your own home. It only takes one of those fleas to find your pet and start a new infestation that will grow and spread.


Fleas aren’t the only year-round problem to worry about. Ticks and even heartworms also hang around after the temperature drops to cause harm to your pet. Contrary to popular belief, ticks do not only reside in tall grasses, woods, or brushy areas, Ticks can also be found in your home and in other areas such as your patio and a parking lot. There seems to be a misunderstanding that when the winter comes, the bugs just go away and for some insects that may be true, but for the ones that can harm your pet and home it is not.

Please don’t put your pet at risk by being stubborn and thinking these parasites are just a seasonal threat. Your pet needs protection all year long and to do that your need to continue to provide flea and tick treatment year-round. If you are unsure about winter flea and tick prevention or want to try a new product to further protect your pet, consult with your veterinarian first. One of the busiest times for veterinarians is during the winter months. Book your appointment at your local vet now and ask them about how to protect your pet from fleas and ticks year round today.


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